The Vespa PX is now available in a 2-stroke 150cc version. Within the current range of Vespa, PX is the only one with a four-speed gearbox: a real “must” for fans of the classic styled Vespa scooters.

Vespa is a historic icon, which started as a economic mode of transport in postwar Europe. Since this initial success the Vespa has become a legend throughout many historical movements such as the Mods and Rockers, music, rebellion, romance and escape. It was the symbol of the years of “Dolce Vita”. The protagonist in the revolution amongst the youth of the ’60s and ’70s. It was also present within the Rock’n Roll movement in Europe and still continues to be iconic today!

2011 marked the thirty-fourth anniversary of the launch of the Vespa PX, an achievement that very few vehicles, not just “two wheels”, can boast. A record that is even more remarkable when you consider the extraordinary sales levels that this great classic has achieved: more than 3,000,000 models sold across all continents.

Most of the PX models produced are still running on the roads around the world today, a further testiment to the robustness and reliability of this model and also the relationship between the owners and their beloved scooter.

It retains its sleek retro lines, classic styling and timeless dashboard, however thanks to the new tooling at the manufacturing plant in Pontedera, the PX now boasts an upgraded Euro 3 engine, a more comfortable sculpted saddle and a new retro-styled steering cover.

Vespa PX comes with the traditional four speed manual gearbox: choosing the PX means total riding pleasure and pride of ownership. After all, there is only one Vespa!