Youthful, Innovative, Technologically Ground-Breaking, Agile and Dynamic

Just a few months after its début, Vespa Primavera, the modern versions of the legendary “Vespino”, are now also available with an ABS braking system. The 125 and 150 Primavera versions, the “small body” Vespas, now have a further technical advancement aimed at increasing safety.

The locking up of the front wheel during intense braking or due to slippery asphalt is generally the most significant hazard for motorbike and scooter riders and passengers. The adoption of the ABS antilock braking system is triggered precisely to prevent this danger, making the ride pleasant and entirely safe.

With a radically new design, a new body in steel, new sizes, still agile but even more stable and comfortable, Vespa Primavera is reborn – powered by the ultra modern and ecological 125cc and 150cc 4-stroke 3V engines – incorporating some of the stylistic and technical solutions of Vespa 946, the most prestigious, expensive and technologically advanced model ever conceived in Vespa history.